Navigating Waters, Expanding Horizons
Hays Ships owns and operates a small fleet of survey and research vessels.

With our history spanning over four decades as a specialised vessel provider, our company brings unique experience that enhances the capabilities of our vessels.

Our vessels are meticulously designed to meet client requirements, typically falling within the 50 to 100-meter range, equipped with Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems and high-quality accommodation.

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Hays Ships Research Vessels
What sets us apart?

At our company, we provide project specific services from the marine world. Our team's knowledge and ability has been acquired through extensive years of operating vessels across industries and geolocations. From Renewable and Hydrocarbon industries in Europe to Seabed Mineral Appraisal campaigns in the Pacific or Academic research voyages, Hays has provided the marine expertise and vessel solutions to fit the project.

Hays Ships

With a remarkable forty-five-year legacy, we offer unparalleled expertise in the maritime industry. Our seasoned team leverages this extensive knowledge to ensure the success of your projects.

Tailored Solutions

We specialise in providing innovative technical and contractual solutions that precisely match our client's requirements. This commitment to customization lays the foundations for long-term relationships and enhances the efficiency of vessel operations.

Bespoke Offshore Support

Our specialisation lies in creating individual solutions for marine applications, supporting a wide array of client projects. From providing vessels with experienced marine crews for those well-versed in offshore endeavours to offering comprehensive maritime administration support for research institutes and others less familiar, we can adapt services and even vessels themselves to best meet the needs of the project.

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Kommandor Iona
Kommandor Iona

The Kommandor Iona is a 76m DP1 classed Research and Survey vessel. With over 350 square meters of clear decks, a 10 ton side A Frame and 3 ton Aft A Frame she is an ideal platform for a wide range of tasks. Following an extensive rebuild in 2015, the vessel features very high quality accommodation, economic fuel consumption and is acoustically quiet.

76 m
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Kommandor Orca
Kommandor Orca

The Kommandor Orca is an 86m DP2 classed X Bow Research vessel. She has a diesel electric propulsion system with six generators and an efficient thruster configuration.

86 m
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